Monday, December 8, 2008

Who Wrote On Those Rocks?

I am astounded and amazed to see, written in plain sight on the surface of a huge rock, is what appears to be Hebrew writing.

Somebody wrote a copy of the Ten Commandments on a rock!

Who were these people that traveled on American land and left behind a legacy? There are other inscriptions too-the Zodiac or constellations of stars! These are found on nearby locations not far from the Ten Commandments!

What does all this mean? Does it intrigue you like it does me? I want to know more about this incredible hidden (or veiled) information about these ancient sites in America.

Watch this Youtube video and you will see a snippet of what is to be found out there...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

God Gets Around

Evidence of ancient people inhabiting ancient America and leaving behind inscriptions in rocks-petroglyphs-depicting ancient Hebrew writing and the 10 Commandments here in America. So the Ten Commandments weren't just for Moses and his folks! The Ten Commandments are etched in rock, located outside Laguna NM. Here is a press release I found from a website dedicated to telling us about these great finds! Whooda thunkit-but why is it so unoticed. Here is a Press Release from a website I found this information on...there are some awsome pics of the rocks too. The website's Home is here...

Only place on Earth the name of God is found having been written in stone, Oldest known copy of the 10 commandments, and First place of established Biblical worship in the Americas, has gone unrecognized amidst the United States! A new Company and resident Paleologist local to the area, is actively hosting a site with products committed to the Locations preservation.March 28, 2008--Laguna NM An Ancient Israelite Wilderness Tabernacle site dating to c.6thCenBCE, is proving to have been located above the greater Rio Grande on the Rio Puerco at the Arroyo Garcia, amid the US in NM.

So now we know that Columbus was not the one who 'discovered" America! Oh, come on, did you really belive he did? After all, he did encounter Native someone was defitely here before he was!

Upon Hidden Mtn. (5507') and along the ascent of its NE side (by a path following a natural drainage), are the period inscriptions of a Hebrew Decalogue in an 80 ton boulder serving as a massive Mezzuzah at its gate -and Name of God dedicated rock Altar having the Sh'mah 'call' (YeHUaH ELaHaYNU) .The writings in a combined Samaritan-Israelite Northern Aramaic-Phoenician Greek& Iberic Old Hebrew equal size script, preserves the only occurrence of the full Biblical name of God on Earth and the oldest known copy of the 10 Commandments, also being the first location in the New World established for the worship of the Biblical God.

Among the sites many features being rediscovered is a partial Astronomical Table at its North extreme, having a Solar Eclipse and alignment of the 5 visible planets in Libra that forms the Proto Hebrew YaH iconograph of the Name (found on 5 continents), here shown as representing an aligning of the 'wandering' planets being the vowels among the Alphabet of Consonants founded of the Zodiac fixed stars in connect-the-dots. These being sounded together according to their magnitude (like the days of the week are today) suggest a descending 7 tone scale or arpeggio pronouncing of the name as "i. e. u. o. uh. ah. uh-ah".

The long neglected location scarcely recognized even by locals has begun to be vandalized and this has sparked an area activism to get the place recognized as a Historical Landmark or National Heritage site for its future preservation.Now the Bibles 'Prime Directive' (Dt.12:5-14) can be literally acted upon, and there is a nearby company G-D Rocks LLC which in response to the need of supporting this legislation has begun inscribing peoples names into the now restored original Birthstones specified in the Biblical Hebrew as founding them before God. Any Name provided with a Birthdate can be written in the appointed gem (founded on a hoop) and may be added into a wearable jewelry item (bracelet, anklet) or even made with its matching stone beads (necklace), and the ancient Zodiac symbol can be inscribed on its face.

So, Moses wasn't the only one having the commadments written on stone for him! Looks like someone etched them in rocks here in America as reminders of the Law of the Land. I always considered the Commandments less commanding and more Commitments that would naturally occur as virtues, values and simply ways of being once alligned with God in the first place! Either way, looks like the Ten Commandments are here in America and available for anyone to see!
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